How to see a Broadway show every night in NYC!

It is amazing how the iPhone has made traveling so much easier for me. I only came on board late last year after ditching the blackberry after 8 years. How I left it so long I don’t know but on my trip to Italy in September, I left the camera behind and took the iPhone instead and I haven’t looked back.

On my last minute trip to New York in January I took the iPhone again but this time I also downloaded a few helpful free apps before I left Sydney. One of my favourites was TKTS, the Theatre Development Fund’s discounted, last minute ticket booth in Times Square. I would wake up, check tkts for what shows were available at a discounted price and how much they were discounted. Generally I wasn’t interested if they were not at least 40-50% off. Then I would decide if it was worth going to a show and plan my day around that. I saw 6 Broadway shows and the cheapest I paid was $50, the most expensive was $95 (Spiderman-Turn off the dark). Full priced tickets can be as much as $400 per person. One Sunday it was so cold I went to 2 shows in 1 day, the matinee and an evening performance.

Other apps that were useful:

  • The Scoop – written by the New York Times it gives the scoop on bars, restaurants, events, shopping etc in New York City.
  • Instagram – an app to make my iPhone photos even more sensational
  • Hopstop – to assist you with getting around on New York’s transportation system
  • QR Reader – so I could scan my iPhone over all the QR codes found all over New York City giving you freebies, discounts and access to tickets

All these apps are free and make traveling so much easier and allow you to plan so you can cram as much into your New York City days as possible!


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I’m loving the iphone for travelling too! Instagram rocks for photos!


So much social media technology at our disposal!

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