Attention Lonely Planet Publishers

Lonely Planet is my travel guidebook of choice but I also have a love/ hate relationship with these books because they are always so heavy!

As a frequent traveller you always try and find ways to do the next trip lighter, faster, cheaper…I’ve had a few disasters with this – like last year when I boasted at the airport check-in that my suitcase was only 11kg, the lightest of the group – and then froze for 2 weeks in the coldest spring that Japan has had in years!

So I’ve just come back from a month in Italy and my 924 page Italy Lonely Planet guide sits proudly, if not worn out, on my coffee table. The same edition has been with me on 3 separate trips to Italy, I can’t complain about value for money.

As dog eared and tired as this book is, there is no way that I am throwing it out, it’s as much a part of my trips as the photos I took. It’s been highlighted, folded, relied upon, cursed and complimented but never left behind even though many a novel once read, has been discarded, in a hotel or bus stop or given to a fellow traveller.

This last trip I decided to experiment and downloaded a kindle version of the travel book on my iPad, thinking lighter and more portable. I was expecting to leave the bulky Lonely Planet printed volume behind at our accommodation for the day trips.

In practice though when it came to day to day sightseeing, the printed copy was barely out of my hands or close by in my handbag, while the iPad stayed in the hotel room safe. The iPad version was relegated to double checking in the hotel room or on the plane/train/bus to the next major destination.

In some circumstances when we wanted to go to a restaurant that was recommended in Lonely Planet and my back just couldn’t bare carrying the book anymore we would take a snapshot of the page on my iPhone.

So my idea for the Lonely Planet publishers is why not make the larger country editions a book that can be pulled apart by city so that a much lighter book can be part of the daily essentials and replaced with the next city as required, or left behind for those non sentimental, practical types? Maybe something with a velcro binder?

Has anyone come up with a better solution?

This blog was written on my Ipad2 which I don’t want you to think i don’t love!


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is there an iphone app? That would be perfect becasue the iphone is the perfect travel buddy!


The iphone is really great, this was the first trip I used it and it was brilliant, great camera too!

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