Sydney goes pop up!

If you do not know what a pop up restaurant is by now you need to get with the program!

Pop up shops, pop up restaurants, pop up bars = temporary, maybe a week, maybe a month. Currently there is a pop up restaurant and bar at Campbells Cove at The Rocks with some of the best views in Sydney.

Greenhousebyjoost is an environmentally friendly stucture in that it is made from recycled or sustainable materials. Think walls decorated with strawberry plants, reused shipping containers, jam jars for wine glasses, and herbs and vegetables growing on the rooftop terrace.

I saw Greenhousebyjoost on Thursday night from the Opera House but it was closed for a special function, so I dragged some friends into the city on Sunday for lunch, only to find at 12pm, a 2hour queue waiting for us at the restaurant.

Instead I jumped the queue to ask if we could just go upstairs to the rooftop for a drink and was told if we came back at 3pm the rooftop bar would be open and we could go straight up.

Of course we were back at 3pm on the dot and had the choice of recycled chairs to position ourselves on, while gazing over multi million dollar views of Sydney Harbour, Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and all while sipping Moscato out of jam jar wine glasses.

Basic facts about Greenhouse:

  • Greenhousebyjoost is the brainchild of Joost Bakker – Dutch born entrepreneur and environmentalist
  • It is only at Campbell Cove till the end of March
  • The food and ingredients are made from scratch, including flour milled every morning for the pizza and pasta
  • There are no bookings, check the website for open times as it is sometimes closed for special functions
  • Greenhouse is to the Left of the Quay/Overseas Passenger Terminal, and right in front of Waterfront Restaurant.

We have all planned to come back for dinner on a Saturday before the end of the month but I am not telling you how to get a table as this place is just too hot and in demand and I do not need anyone else in the know. See you at Greenhousebyjoost, I will be the one looking down at you from the rooftop terrace with a Moscato in hand, while you wait in the very long queue.


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Seems like a lot of work for only a temporary structure. Where is he moving it to next? Melbourne, or another Sydney location – Bondi?

I wish he wasn’t leaving Sydney but I hear it might be overseas!


Artists do great things.If you can’t get in here however take the next best option and go by ferry to Cockatoo Is and have a cocktail overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Love Cockatoo Island, free ferry, fantastic views, great old buildings and last year the Biennale!

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