South American Tucan tour starts with mossies and roommates

I have been told once or twice before that I can be a bit of a princess. So I was determined that I would not be perceived as a princess on tour.

My roomies on tour consisted of 2 other single females, one much younger and one much, much older.

My first night sharing a room with my new roomies was interesting to say the least. Our room actually slept 7, with a mismash of 100 year old bunk beds, no air con, just fans. The windows were left open during the day so now the room consisted of the 3 of us and 1000 of hungry, preying mosquitos. We had to close the windows as we would have been eaten alive. Unfortunately the older roommate insisted that the fans would keep her awake, we were yet to realise she was deaf and wore a hearing aid which she turned off when she slept.

So can you imagine, how, in humid and stiflingly hot conditions with no fresh air and no fans we slept our first night in Paraty. I could hear the mossies buzzing around my head, I had covered myself in aeroguard and I had a Kathmandu bracelet around my left wrist that was soaked in aeroguard that was almost asphixiating me while I slept.

I woke up in the filthiest of moods but it was not until I went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror when the real screaming began. The right side of my face had been attacked by mossies so much so that I looked like I had severe acne, my left arm was ok to my elbow but my other arm was covered in maybe 40 bites! Anything not covered by a sheet, a stray toe or foot peeping out from the sheet was bitten. Ouch!

Paraty, Brazil


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