Japan’s Triple Tragedy

My thoughts are with the Japanese people at this time, I spent 2 years in Japan many years ago and it is still like a 2nd home to me, the people are wonderful and the country is amazing. Last year I went back after 15 years away and had an amazing 2 weeks enjoying cherry blossom (ohanami) season in April.

The Japanese people are used to earthquakes as much as you can be but an earthquake that moved the mainland by 8ft, a tsunami that wiped out cities and towns, and then a possible nuclear meltdown is beyond comprehension.

I have been meaning to blog about my Japan trip but since I didn’t start this website until well after the trip to Japan, it fell by the wayside. Now I will commit to doing this as my friends and I had the most fantastic trip. Seeing the photos and hearing about the trip, there were quite a few family members and friends who wanted me to re-enact the trip for them in the near future.

Who would have thought that this would happen.

When you have visited a country and then see them suffer like the Japanese are now experiencing, it is just heartbreakng.

I wish Japan a speedy recovery and I will be looking forward to returning soon.


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