Rio, quick facts

Rio De Janeiro which means “river of January”:

  • is Brazil’s 2nd largest city with a population of 6 million
  • is NOT the capital of Brazil but you know it because it is the most visited city in the southern hemisphere
  • local residents are called Cariocas
  • it is a tropical climate and it rains a lot from Dec to Mar, I can testify to this
  • Cariocas are relaxed, easy going people who do not seem to get road rage no matter how bad the driving
  • Cariocas love the beach and use it to exercise, socialise, do business, eat, drink etc
  • yes Cariocas love to show off their bodies and tans but they do come in all shapes and sizes
  • if you don’t want to stand out like a prude, wear a bikini no matter what size you are, Cariocas don’t seem to care, in fact they embrace curves!
  • take note of the certain sections of the beaches that cater for different social groups
  • even though there is great divide between rich and poor,the beach is free and everyone enjoys it from children from the favelas (slums) to catwalk models to tourist
  • try not to go to the centre of Rio on the weekend, it is eerily deserted and dangerous
  • Rio is hosting the FIFA World Cup final in 2014, the Maracana Football stadium is currently closed for renovations in preparation for the World Cup
  • in 2016, Rio will be the 1st South American city to host the Summer Olympics
  • Havaianas are worn to any social occasion and can be worn to the best restaurants in town
  • service in general is relaxed like the locals, in restaurants and cafe’s and tourist attractions it often borders on slow and disorganised!
  • And please remember to tip!


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