The land of Havaianas

Of course my first Brazilian purchase had to be Havaianas, any excuse to shop, I left my many pairs at home so I could buy a pair of authentic  Brazilian flip flops/ thongs/ beach shoes, whatever you want to call them.

I was slightly worried that it might have been one of those products that is for export only and is not popular in the country of origin, but no way, Havaianas are made for the Brazilian climate and worn by the entire population.

Getting in the hotel lift this morning, I looked down and everyone had Havaianas on, damn, didn’t have the camera, that would have been a good photo opportunity.

There are plenty of places to purchase them, complete stores that sell only Havaianas, plus normal shoe stores, plus supermarkets, plus kiosks near beaches.

Photo of my purchase is attached, don’t think it will be my last as I also spotted a heeled pair that would go great with a few of my dresses!

And tonight I have just discovered that my Havaianas glow in the dark! We don’t have these in Sydney!

Prices range from $10 to $30, depending how fancy you want and sizes range from toddler to extra large. Can’t wait to show my friends in Sydney, there is going to be Havaianas envy for sure.

They do make a great souvenir gift though, light, cheap and authentic Brazilian!


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