AUSTRALIA, so far from anywhere!

So finally we are in Rio de Janeiro after a 26 hr trip. Not the quickest way to get to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Qantas to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then connecting flights to Sao Paulo and then on to Rio de Janeiro with Tam Airlines, Brazil’s largest carrier. What should have taken 20 hrs was dragged out to 26hrs with a stopover in Sao Paulo then flight cancellations before we even left Sydney, leaving us with 6 hours to wait in an airport with no facilities and 3 very sleep deprived people. Sleeping on an airport floor is not fun ever!

It just reminded me of how far Australia is from anywhere and how this seems to encourage Aussies even more to travel. If you are going to do it, may as well do it properly!

From next year, Qantas will fly direct to Rio…


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