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On Sunday one of my friends woke up in a panic, maybe she was feeling a bit guilty about all her shopping purchases but the first words out of her mouth were, I have to purchase Zhu Zhu toys for the kids today or I am going to be in a world of trouble tonight. She had been banging on about these zhu zhu toys all weekend, apparently the latest craze with kids of primary school age. Sold out in Sydney, her 8yr old daughter and 5 yr old son had put their requests in before she left and every phone call over the weekend had been “Have you got my zhu zhu toys yet?” Oops, I was slightly worried for her as her daughter had told her a friend’s mum had rung around Australia and Brisbane Myers was the only place that had them. I was dying to see what these lastest craze toys were as my friend kept saying, you will be disappointed, they are very ugly.

Consequently on Sunday we were at breakfast in the city at 8am where I had the best breakfast ever – ricotta cakes with maple syrup & banana, at la citta in the CBD, then we were at Myers at 9am, only to discover that all shops open at 10am. We had tickets to the Tim Burton Exhibition at 10am so we headed off to Federation Square. I am sure that while we were at the Tim Burton exhibition, my friend had Zhu Zhu nightmares going on in her head!

The exhibition was brilliant as I expected and included over 700 pieces by Tim Burton, the filmmaker of Batman, Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands among many, many, many other films. On display  were paintings, costumes, puppets, the batmobile, storybooks  and film. What amazed me was how much of his work has not been released, how he has managed to produce the amount he has, his mind must be ticking over 24/7. This exhibition is only $20 but book ahead and go early (opens at 10am). Even though the exhibition has been going since June 24th (ends 10 October) there were crowds at 10.15am!

Back to Myers to find Zhu Zhu toys… Forget Myers at the moment, it is in a complete mess with major renovations, the signage is poor and you have to walk through to another building and back, and then when you get there of course they don’t have any Zhu Zhu toys! On to Target, also sold out. Plan B, some other sort of gift? Do we phone around other stores? I suggested a phone call home to preempt the disappointed kids? One last ditched effort at Big W at the entrance to the QV Melbourne (Lonsdale St) saw victory! What a relief, but are they the most disgusting toys I have ever seen, little hamsters that run around on batteries?!!! I think they might make hideous noises as well.

Our flight was not till 6pm so we headed for the last shopping destination, Chapel St, South Yarra. We refueled at Caffe & Cucina, a very authentic, hole in the wall, Italian restaurant before our final shop. Only minor purchases in this last few hours of our weekend, we could barely talk we were so tired, let alone shop!

Thanks Melbourne for a great weekend, we will be back when our credit cards are rebooted!


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